Carole Milon


Carole Milon is currently returning to a visual arts practice. Her work in related creative fields spans 40 years, in tv art direction, costume and residential interior design. Originally from Montreal, Toronto and Haliburton are now home base. Pilgrimages to pre-historic cave paintings, petroglyphs and standing stones are inspiration for her exploration of the enduring, creative spirit. Her connection to land, its deep history and beauty is enriched each year in the Haliburton Highlands where she has a studio in a cabin in the woods.

Artist statement

I am drawn to the profoundness of landscape and how it shapes our lives.

My artwork explores connection to the land, to place, and our collective history rooted on this earth. I am intrigued by pre-historic art, evidence of early human relationship to place: cave paintings; petroglyphs; stone circles. I make pilgrimages to these awesome, visceral sites. They are proof of our enduring creative spirit. How does the earth influence culture and culture impact on the earth?

My artwork is abstract. Collaged paper, composed of various found fibres, I juxtapose disparate elements to create new meaning. These mixed-media works are richly textured, layered with paint, beeswax resist, graphite and ink; torn, woven and glued. I am inspired by the stillness of stone (earth), the movement of clouds (spirit), and the tenacity of lichen(inspiration). My palette is Northern – sap green; grey/blue; deep ochre. Contrasting highlights and deep shadows allude to the mysteries of the unknown and the dichotomy of opposites and symbiotic relationship.

Currently I am working in series, exploring the possibilities within a repeated structure. The scale is intimate, once assembled, each piece is hung on the wall and can vary in size from 6”x 6” to 22”x 26”, thus drawing the viewer in close, to engage deeply with the multi-faceted layers. I am gradually beginning to experiment, expanding these dimensions, for a different impact.

I am inspired by Ann Ryan’s collages, Dorothy Caldwell’s textile compositions and Andy Goldsworthy’s land art. Their chosen materials are deliberate, earth-based and radical, manipulated and re-assembled, questioning traditional order. This is subtly dynamic and very exciting to me. I strive to create a similar quiet tension and context for contrasts.

My creative process is spontaneous and intuitive, with patient intent I allow the materials to speak.



Haliburton School of Fine Arts
Toronto School of Art
Art Gallery of Ontario Adult Program
Banff School of the Arts
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Maine
Harbourfront Centre Studios
Vancouver School of Art
John Abbott Theatre Design, Montreal


Dorothy Caldwell
Donnely Smallwood
Suzi Dwor
Steve Rose
Alice Vander Vennen
Chris Thompson
Tony Franks

Art Related Employment

2007-present   Production Designer for television at TFO
1994-present    Interior decorator, Owner/operator of
1985-2008       Freelance costumier, props maker for film and TV
1982- ‘85          Independent custom clothing business
1980- ‘85          Visual arts instructor with Inner City Angels and Artists in the Schools in the TDSB

Group Exhibitions

2018        Toronto, ON Propeller Gallery, Red Impulse
2018        Toronto, ON John B. Aird Gallery, The Drawing Show
2018        Toronto, ON Gerrard Art Space, The Textile Show
2017        Toronto, ON Gerrard Art Space, The Drawing Show
2016        Toronto, Gerrard Art Space, The Textile Show
1984        Burlington Cultural Centre, ON,  Raku - Works by Ontario Ceramic Artists 
1984        Toronto, Tatay Gallery,  Paper Per Se
1983        Toronto, Tatay Gallery, Marking Time
1983        Toronto, Ontario Potters Assoc., Raku - Invitational
1982        Toronto, Tatay Gallery, Fabrication, Multimedia  
1982        Toronto,  Ontario Potters Assoc., Fireworks - Biennial juried show
1982        Toronto, Gallery 44, Invitational Book and Sequence Show


1984       Raku - Works by Ontario Ceramic Artists
1982       Fireworks - Biennial Juried Show Catalogue


1984      McIntyre Ranching Co. Ltd Scholarship - Tuition, room and board to attend the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts, 6 week summer session
1984      Ontario Crafts Council - Travel grant to attend Banff